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Projects for Robot Inventor

The LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor (51515) kit is LEGO's newest version of LEGO MINDSTORMS. It includes four motors, a distance (ultrasonic) sensor, a color (light) sensor, and an all-new intelligent brick hub design.

Robot Inventor uses similar LEGO TECHNIC building parts as the previous NXT and EV3 kits (although a different set to work with), but it uses a totally different programming system, with a choice of a friendly Scratch-based "Word Blocks" system, or the Python text-based language.

Below are projects specifically for the Robot Inventor kit. All of these designs can be built with a single Robot Inventor kit with no extra parts. Complete building instructions are provided, and many programs are provided as well.


LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor (51515)
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Quick and Easy Projects


5-Minute Bot





Oscillating Fan


Classic Bot



Front Drive Platform


Center Drive Platform



Door Alarm



Copycat Dial   Practice Bot

Intermediate Projects



Bumper Car





Sensor Meter


Hammer Car



Line Follower


Sumo Bot

Music Scale Player   Checkout Scanner
Twin Cars   Flip Car
Gas Pedal Pinwheel   Steering Car
Self-Parking Car   Menorah

Advanced Projects



Mars 2020 Rover


Flight Simulator






Balance Board



Claw Crane


Hot Rod



Mountain Bike Race


Double Ball Coaster



Monster Truck


Ring Stacker



Robot Vacuum


Baseball Batter



Color Sorter


Manual Transmission



Santa's Sleigh


Pickup Truck and Trailer



Gun Sentry Bot



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