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Pickup Truck and Trailer

Have you ever tried backing up in a truck with a trailer attached? It certainly takes some practice. Give it a try with this truck and trailer model. The pickup truck drives and steers with two drive motors and car-like pivoting front wheels, which are controlled together by the remote control programs.

Choose from two different trailers for it to tow: a flatbed trailer that can carry several different small go-kart and car models, or a utility trailer designed to carry a mini lawnmower (or whatever else you put in it).

There are lots of different things to build with this model, so it can keep you busy building for a while!


Flatbed Trailer


Utility Trailer

Carry the Off-Road Go-Kart or the
Racing Go-Kart on the Flatbed Trailer
  Tow a LEGO Speed Champions or similar car
Load the Mini Lawnmower into the Utility Trailer


Building Instructions



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