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Downloading and Using NXT Program Files

How do I view the program (.rbt) files and get them to my robot?

Errors trying to load or compile program files

NXT 2.0 vs. NXT 1.X and Retail vs. Education Versions of the NXT Software

Building with Different Versions of the MINDSTORMS NXT kit

Using the Education Version of the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Set

Using the NXT 2.0 Kit to Build Projects Designed for the 1.X Kit

NXT 1.X Parts Inventory

Parts Inventory Comparison of NXT sets 8527, 8547, 9797, and 9648

Other Help Topics

How can I learn to program the NXT?

Using the "My Blocks" feature of NXT-G

How to Take Good Photos of LEGO Models


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