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Manual Transmission

This model of a manual transmission in a car includes a stick shift lever that allows you to shift between three different gear ratios, a working friction clutch with a clutch pedal/lever, a gas pedal, and a low gear lockout button! The mechanism is powered by an input motor and spins a suspended output wheel.

Engage the "cruise control" on the gas pedal to practice shifting gears with the clutch and shift lever together with two hands to make nice smooth and quiet shifts. Then for the full challenge, put the model on the floor, and operate the clutch pedal and gas pedal with your feet while shifting gears with your hand!

Shift gears with the stick shift.

Use the clutch pedal
for smoother shifts.

Slip the clutch
for a smooth start.

Push the low gear lockout button
to engage the super-low
"rock crawler" low gear.
Rev the engine
with the gas pedal.
Use the "cruise control" buttons
to free up a hand.

Try the whole thing on the floor using both your
feet and hands like a manual transmission in a car!



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