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Gun Sentry Bot

Building Instructions

The Gun Sentry Bot is built on the Center Drive Platform, so build that first.

Programming Instructions

This remote control program allows you to drive the robot, tilt the turret up and down, and shoot darts. The turning of the robot and the and tilting of the turret are combined into a single D-pad control for easier aiming.

This autonomous program makes the robot act like a guard sentry that moves in a fixed pattern and looks for either high and low targets in four different possible locations.

The setup for the autonomous program should be as shown below. You can place the high and low targets in any of the four different locations shown, relative to the robot's starting position. The robot will scan all eight total possible target positions and shoot at any targets found then return to its starting position. Point the targets so the flat side is facing inward towards the robot's center line path, and tilt the high target downward about 45 degrees so the sensor can get a good look at it when tilted upwards.


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