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Sound Meter
Building: Easy
Program: Intermediate

Building Instructions


Make a handle for the NXT Sound Sensor however you want.  Here is one example.


Using the longest wire, connect the Sound Sensor to port 2 on the NXT.

Sound Meter Programming

Use the program Sound Meter for the Sound Meter.


How to Use the Sound Meter

  1. Hold the NXT brick in one hand and the Sound Sensor handle in the other hand. 
  2. Use the sensor as a microphone, or point it at something that is making sound and watch the NXT display.
  3. To freeze the display at the end of one pass across (about 1 second of sound), press the orange button on the NXT during the pass that you want to freeze.  Then press the orange button again to unfreeze it and start another pass.



There are other interesting ways to graph the output of the Sound Sensor.  Try modifying the Sound Meter program to draw the graph in a different way, or do something else with the loudness numbers.

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