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The Quick and Easy Fix for Taking Better Pictures of LEGOs

Here is a super easy way to get any camera to take better pictures of your LEGO robots.

The Problem: Camera too Close to the Robot

The camera is too close to the robot.

  • Bad lighting (parts too light, parts too dark)

  • Bad Focus (parts of robot are fuzzy)

(Click picture to enlarge)

The Fix: Step Back and Zoom In

Step back about 3 feet,
and zoom in with the camera.

  • Good lighting

  • Better Focus

(Click picture to enlarge)


Also, as a bonus to make flash pictures better, put the robot in the corner of a room next to two white walls as shown above, and take the picture diagonally into the corner.   This will allow the flash light to bounce off the walls and help light up the sides and back of the robot. 


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