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Ball Shooter
Building: Intermediate
Program: Easy

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Ball Shooter Programming
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The Ball Shooter is designed to be easily incorporated into a larger project.  All you need to do to get the shooter to shoot a ball is have the program turn the shooter's motor forward for 1 rotation (360 degrees).  Each rotation of the motor will shoot one ball.

You can test the ball shooter by simply attaching the shooter to port A on the NXT as shown below, and then using the BallShooter program.  The program will shoot a ball each time you press the orange Enter button on the NXT.  You can also press and hold down the Enter button for continuous shooting.


  • Can you design a rotating turret using another motor and mount the ball shooter on it?  Maybe you could control the rotation of the turret using the Left and Right Arrow buttons on the NXT.

  • Try attaching the ball shooter to a vehicle robot and modifying the program to make the robot shoot under certain circumstances.

  • Try modifying the BallShooter program to shoot in response to something different than the Enter button being pressed, such as a touch sensor or other sensor, or maybe after a random time delay.


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