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Race Car
Building: Expert
Program: Advanced

This Race Car is designed to look and steer like a real car, with pivoting front wheel steering.  It is also designed for speed, with gears to increase the speed of the rear drive wheels. 

The Color Sensor is positioned under the car so that the car do some basic autonomous operations by sensing the color of the surface.  The sensor can distinguish six different colors, so you can make the car react to different colored tape lines, colored paper strips, etc.

You can also operate the car by remote control with either a simple two button wired remote control (requires only one NXT kit), or by wireless Bluetooth remote control from another NXT such as the 5 Button Remote Control or the Steering Remote Control.  Programs are provided for all three of these remote controls.

Autonomous Operation with Color Sensor
Wired 2-Button Remote Control
Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control
with the 5 Button Remote Control
Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control
with the Steering Remote Control
Video (YouTube) Video

Building Instructions



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