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Checkout Scanner
Building: Intermediate
Program: Advanced

This Checkout Scanner imitates the function of the kind of laser barcode scanner that you find at a store checkout.  It will recognize and scan any of the five items on the right as they are passed over the sensor, because each item has a "bar code" on the bottom of it, made of alternating white and dark (or empty) beams.  Each item has a different bar code, consisting simply of the number of white bars (from 2 to 6). 

The items can be passed quickly over the sensor by sliding them across the "counter" surface, and the NXT will scan them, display the item and price on the display, and keep track of the total cost of your "purchase" as you keep scanning items. 


The NXT displays the items as they are scanned and keeps track of the total cost of all the items scanned.


Also included is a program and instructions for using the NXT to record the sensor readings in a data file, upload it to your PC, and graph it in a spreadsheet program. 

This can help you understand how the sensor responds in a high-speed sampling situation such as this.

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