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Mini Sumo Bot
Building: Advanced
Program: Easy

LEGO Mindstorms NXT Mini Sumo Bot

In a robot Sumo match, two robots start inside a ring marked with a border of a contrasting color and try to be the first one to push the other robot outside the ring (without accidentally driving outside the ring themselves).  There are a large variety of mechanical designs and programs that could be used, but most robots start with a light sensor to detect the border of the ring.  Here is a simple robot and a very simple program to get you started.

You can use the Test Pad that came with your NXT set as a Sumo ring, or mark out your own ring with black electrical tape on a light colored surface.  If you don't have another NXT robot to go up against in your Sumo match (or while testing and preparing for your match), you can build various dummy robots and other objects to try to push.  Can your robot push all of the objects outside of the ring before accidentally driving outside the ring itself?
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