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NXT Segway with Rider
Building: Advanced


This robot simulates a Segway PT, which is a two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle that a rider stands on.  By using the NXT Color Sensor as a simple proximity sensor to the ground to detect the approximate tilt angle of the robot, the robot can actually balance itself! 

For more fun, if you have a second NXT brick, you can make the Segway rider on this robot lean forwards and backwards via Bluetooth remote control, which will cause the robot to start rolling forward or backwards while staying balanced, just like a real Segway!

Many self-balancing robots (including the actual Segway PT) use special gyroscopic or other sensors to detect the tilt angle of the robot, but this robot uses only the NXT Color Sensor (in Light Sensor mode) by aiming the sensor at the ground and measuring reflected light, which will change slightly depending on how close the sensor is to the ground.

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