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Guitar Challenge Game
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This upgraded version of the Electric Guitar project allows to you play in two different modes.  In "Free Play" mode, you can play tones or chords similar to the Electric Guitar project, except that the guitar is upgraded to use a touch sensor lever for the "strum" sensor, and also includes a "whammy bar" so that you can add whammy effects to your guitar notes when playing tones.  

For even more fun, in "Game Mode", you can remove the NXT brick from the body of the guitar so you can see the screen while playing, then you can play a fun game similar to Guitar Hero, developed especially for the NXT by nxtprograms.com! 

In Game Mode, the NXT display will show the notes of the song strolling towards you, similar to the Guitar Hero video game.  You try to choose the correct notes with the sliding plate on the neck of the guitar and strum the notes at the right time using the strum lever.  The game will keep track of which notes you hit and miss and show you your score at the end. 

In this game, the NXT does not play the music, the game is designed to synchronize along with external music playing on your iPod or stereo, so you can listen to the real recording on the sound system of your choice.

Although some sample songs are included, the game is designed so that you can record and save your own songs by simply "playing along" with your favorite music, then challenge yourself to "play back" the song in Game Mode, while listening along with your favorite music on your stereo or iPod!  You control the music choice and the difficulty!

Video (YouTube) Video (Game Mode)


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